Terms of Service

Here's you can read about our terms in usage of our products and services that we provide to you, the end-user. By taking part of this you are informed of the guidelines that is neccessary to use our products and services. Read on.

Welcome to Duologic Software

We develope innovative cross-platform software solutions
that targets any platform and the internet invites for useful
services that is part of our development strategy to create
something that people can use in their day to day life. With this
comes a responsibillity to use these services in a proper and safe
way. These guidelines concerns all of our available and upcoming
products and services on any platform that is of interest to our
business strategy for both client and server side of software

Our software

Our products comes in free (Shareware) versions that
allows users to test out our software products before
an eventual purchase takes place. The purchased versions
are usually named Pro or Enterprise edition which is the
full versions of our software products without restrictions.
Our software products and services depends on 3rd party
solutions which might require updates to function correctly.
This goes with both stationary computers as mobile platforms
as well as any other devices that our software products and
services might run on. In this case it's the actual vendor
that maintains support and updates/upgrades for their own
technologies it might concern that our software depends on
to function as intended. We cannot provide a guarantee that
3rd party vendors and services that our software and services
depend upon will work. We don't provide any support in case
such scenarios might araise. This means, any misusage of our
software and services is your own responsibillity to solve.
We provide a Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) page were you
can find the solution to the most relevant questions regarding
how to install and use our software products and services.

Our services

Our services is a vital part of our business strategy.
This means that it's important to reach out to customers
in various ways. Social media is an effective way to be noticed
and get the public's response on our work which helps improve
and calibrate ideas to create better products and services.
There's just as many different oppinions that there's people and
with this comes respect in dialoges and different views on matters
as well as oppinions about what we create. We expect a reasonable
attitude that doesn't harm our reputation as a software company.
The services we provide is in our interest to be successful as a
business, something that is part of the ecosystem in running our
company. We keep your integrity in mind and does not sell private
information to 3rd part. The information we collect is strictly for
the purpose of creating a better user experience for our end-users.
Just as with out software products our services may be available for
free so that users can evaluate and test it. Our services might not
be available for free at all times. In such cases we will annouce the
changes to notify our potential customers about our activities.

Terms of purchase

Our products can be bought as digital downloadable content through
a webstore which is maintained by 3rd part. This service is not free
which means an extra cost for us as a software company. The expenses
this brings is added to the purchase price that we announce on our
website. VAT is included in the final sales price to cover our expenses
that is needed to run and maintain our company to produce new products
and services that you. the end-user can benefit from. We choose our
business partners with care which means our customers can feel safe
when purchasing a product from us. As purchase is carried out through
a 3rd part, the webstore and functionality is not maintained by us
which means maintenance and support is handled by them. You can read
and take part of their fees and rules on their webpage before placing
an order in case you want to be sure of how it works to buy a product
or membership to use our services. In general you should make sure you
have a working internet connection to avoid any technical problems with
your purchase.

What we expect from you

As we create software products that you, the end-user can benefit
from we expect that you use it in a respectful and appropriate way
so that it does not harm our reputation as a software company or
cause any problems for either us or our 3rd part business partners.
This means, you are not allowed to recompile, alter, sell, crack or
in other ways modify the original release versions of our software.
The source code is copyrighted material and should not be changed in
any way. Our software products are released AS-IS and it is illegal
to in any way change the original files that we distribute from our
website to the public. A released version may only be used on one
single device at a time with the original dependency files included.
A purchased version of our software is not to be shared with others.
Only Alpha, Beta and Shareware versions of our software products may
be shared to the public as a way to showcase any new product that is
to be released later as one of our full version commercial products.
You are allowed to use our software products and services as long as
you use them in an appropriate and respectful way that does not harm
either Duologic Software or the author's privacy in any way.

Registering and signing into Starcloud

● Only normal chars (a-z) (0-9) are allowed.

● Scandinavian chars å,ä,ö are allowed.

● SQL injections attempts are not tolerated.

● Unappropriate behavior will lead to a blocked IP.

● Bizarre profiles will lead to a deleted account.

● Please respect all that we link to in our system.

Starcloud updates and maintenance

When the service needs to be updated this might cause interruptions,
even error messages that is temporary and might be caused because the
code and weblinks are updated while the system is online. Such disturbances
will be corrected as soon as possible and might affect certain pages or
weblinks in the system while it's online. The webportal Starcloud can be shut
down which makes it impossible to login. This might be neccessary in special
situations like when important changes needs to be made that affects the whole
system. In such cases the service will be online again once the changes has
been made and has proven to be functional for users to login again.
Weblinks are organized in a way that we plan out and may change without notice.

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