Privacy Policy

We are Duologic Software ("we", "our", us"). We're committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.
If you have questions about your personal information please contact us.
What information we hold about you

The type of data that we collect and process includes

Duologic Software's official website

Session ID/Cookies whenever needed.

Webportal Starcloud

● Session ID

● Your firstname

● Your lastname

● Your gender

● Your birthyear

● Your age

● Your address

● Your zipcode

● Your city

● Your country

● Your email

● Your platform

● Your registration date

● Current date

● Your unique user ID

● Your version

● Your IP

● Your ISP

● No of users connected

About Starcloud registration

It is optional to use our webservice Starcloud. Is it an alternative service inbuildt into Athena Lite & Pro.
You provide privacy information by inputing details about yourself in our software product Athena Lite.

Once all user information fields are completed you can connect to the webservice.
The webserver will then process the incoming information through an HTTP GET request.

The webportal is buildt this way to make it as efficient as possible for users to log in and use the service
frequently multiple times each day. If you think the service is unsafe then don't bother to sign in to Starcloud.
The information is stored in the database as long as you use our service Starcloud.

Privacy user information will be removed from the server if you haven't logged in to Starcloud for some time
which means the information is only intended to be stored as a temporary solution to optimize the webservice.
Every user can access their own personal profile information while logged into Starcloud. User information is private.

The number of users who are logged in from various platforms is official. This is an intentional strategy to be transparent
to both customers and the market to go public with how popular the service Starcloud becomes.

You can of course use our Athena Lite software without ever connecting to the webservice Starcloud.
User data is updated at each login session to Starcloud until you choose to remove your account permanentally.

Starcloud will be free to use to start with to attract a userbase simply because it's in our interest to expand out business.
A monthly membership fee will be annouced and charged once the system is established to users world-wide.

What information we hold about you

We collect information about you in the following cases:

● You register as a member of our services.

● You log in to use our services.

● You fill out our contact form.

● You browse our website (Session ID's/Cookies).

● You purchase a product from us.

How your information is used

● For the purposes of making you a registered member of our service Starcloud, for matching weblinks.

● We may use your email address to inform you about our activity.

● Your user information is used to provide you with relevant products and services from companies.

● When purchasing our products/services.

● To optimize our business opportunities in a competing market.

● Any other information that you provide that might be useful for out business.

How to delete your Starcloud account

This is only needed if you have successfully logged into Starcloud.
Log into Starcloud and follow these steps:

● My account

● Delete account

● Click Yes to confirm

● Log me out

● Uninstall the application


Please read the End User License Agreement (EULA) before installing our software products on your system.
In no way can or shall we be held responsible for any damages caused related to our software products and services.

By reading and taking part of this Privacy Policy you agree by installing and using our software and services.
Any brands named are the intellectual property of their respective owner(s).
We provide a forwarding service (Starcloud) by linking to 3rd party solutions that are not associated with us in any way.

Duologic Software depends on 3rd party tools, libraries, technologies and services that might change without notice
and thereby cause interuptions or other issues with our products and services that is beyond our control.
You use our software products and services at your own risk.

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